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Hey everybody, I never knew there was a UFB community or I would have joined it long ago...

My name's Kristina and I live in Clarkston, MI (45 minutes south of Detroit). I just went to my 3rd UFB show last night, and, as you may have guessed, it ROCKED! I wrote a big long review thing in my livejournal, so check it out :)

I think it's great someone made this community to bring all us UFB-heads together.

\m/ -- Kristina
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Welcome to the community.

You icon is amazing.
I'm insanely jealous.

*flies into jealous rage*

Are you on the street team as well?
thank you :)

no i'm not on the street team. i have applied about 3 times (first time about a year ago, and twice since then) and i have never gotten an e-mail saying i'm on it... i want to be on it!
First I saw your note to the Yahoo group and went to read your review on your web site. Then I saw your LJ entry and saw your review in your journal. Then later I read some UFB bulletin board posts and saw you there as well.

Yeah, you really should be on the street team!
yeah..i know i'm a dork. lol. i really want to be on the street team but if nobody's e-mailed me then i dont know.
If you feel like being a pest, you might try e-mailing Amber. She is "dielya downtown" in the "ultimatefakebook2" Yahoo group, and I think you can find her e-mail address from that. She's very nice and might at least be able to look into or explain why you haven't been added.
I don't wanna bug anyone...I'll just wait I guess.
The street team is growing rapidly and I think they hafta be selective.
I've been on the street team since August of 2001.
We used to get into shows free...that rocked.
Everytime I see the guys I tell them how proud I am to be on the team.
Thats awesome :) I still promote them and stuff but it would be better to have nice flyers and stickers to pass out.
I haven't gotten any stickers to pass out.
I just print out the pdf documents they send me for fliers.
Yeah...I've just been using the one they have on the site and posting it at work and at Krogers.LOL
ha ha
People at Krogers love UFB
Lol I used to work there!
Good times.