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From the Road Update 12/23
Wheeww! Being home from the road has never felt so good. We had such a blast trekkin' across the USA multiple times this year that we just about wore ourselves out. We really want to thank everyone who came and saw us this year on tour. Without you guys we wouldn't exist. Every day on the road is an adventure, and the tour with Nerf Herder and Fairview was no exception. Whether it was rain and snowstorms during a 13 hour drive to Seattle or a wild evening of drunken karoke in NYC, we can definately say all three bands saw some excitement. Honestly we are just glad we made it home in one fairly intact piece this year. So what's next? Well some of you may remember hearing about Bill's Guns 'n' Roses tribute band, Sweet Band O'Mine. If you missed out on the craziness last time, you've got another chance to witness the boys tear it up again at the Bottleneck in Lawrence KS on Jan. 10th. See you there! Well how's 'bout a new UFB CD with 6 brand new songs, 3 killer remixes and the video for "Inside Me, Inside You"? We'll have more info up about it very soon, but keep yer calendar open in late march! Take care everybody, LOVE UFB.

yay! :D
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