Jake Beamer Enterprises (powerpopzen) wrote in ufb,
Jake Beamer Enterprises

Need honest listener/fan feedback for seven free mp3s

The first seven mp3 demos for indie rockpunk/power pop project Bedroom Politics are below for your free download. However, read this explanation first.

This music will more than likely have a lot of appeal for fans of Guided By Voices, Beck, the Kicks, Superdrag, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Ozma, Jimmy Eat World, the Ultimate Fakebook, and similar bands.

So, grab and listen to as many of these songs as you can/want to and tell me what you think - I need feedback to determine for sure which songs are better than others... but keep two things in mind.

Firstly, these are merely DEMOS (not final recordings - don't judge by SOUND quality, rather, the quality of the SONG).

Secondly, some (mostly any of the female) if not all, of the vocals will most likely be redone with a good, solid version of the male voice you will hear.

I want to know if you prefer a song (or songs) to others, all of them, none, etc. But if you do/don't like them, I need to know WHY. That's the most important part. I figured opinions from tons of people I don't know would be less biased.

Right-click and "Save Target As" already. (You probably knew how to do that.)


Also, feel free to contact me if you happen to like most or all of those bands (or other catchy and punchy/slightly quirky power pop/indie rock with serious hooks) - especially if you are located in the (Manchester) New Hampshire area.

Take care, everyone, and thanks. This message has indeed been cross-posted in order for me to receive the most blunt, scathing and honest criticisms from mostly complete strangers that I possibly can! Bring it.

http://www.bedroompolitics.net (official website)
http://www.livejournal.com/community/solveforsex (our lj community)
and we're on Friendster and MySpace too. (overlookedcreations1@hotmail.com)
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