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Hi everyone!

I figured this may be a good place to alert fans of good catchy music.

This band, called the Kicks (formerly Ashtray Babyhead).. think Weezer + Superdrag but more rock and less geek - have an amazing new album.

Now, the only reason I mention them is that I was blown away by this album. And the posting below of the fan community devoted to them is not shameless promo, but merely a place for fans to meet - if you happen to like them, stop by and tell us so!


Check them out, TRUST ME.

I don't think you're going to be disappointed, rather, blown away.

The Kicks are from Little Rock, Arkansas. Prepare to be enlightened, if you're into the incredibly hooky, powerful, fun rock-pop-punkish (power pop!) singalong type stuff. Must be heard to be appreciated. There are links on that community page, but specifically


to hear 3 songs - "Mir" is the single. Just a little heads-up.. it's good to spread around new music! Hit me up with some too! I love the reccomendations.

(This fuckin album immediately became my favorite album of ALL TIME after I heard it. Enjoy, and good luck getting it out of your CD player if you happen to buy it.)

Peace, rock and take care
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